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Solid Surface what is it?

It’s an acrylic resin based sheet material, with a combination of a natural mineral called aluinumtrihydroxide (a by-product of aluminium production) mixed with colours and pigments. The standard thickness from most manufacturers is 12mm thick, although some also offer a limited selection in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm and 18mm.



One of the most innovative features of the material is its ability to be joined together seamlessly and create an almost invisible joint. This one feature alone makes it stand out above all other surfacing materials.



Classed as a thermo-plastic, it can be heated and formed into a three dimensional shape, a characteristic that it has in common with many plastic based materials. Solid Surface can be made into vastly complex shapes by forming separate pieces, before joining them together to give the illusion of a single piece.


Non Porous

Impermeable to most liquids and various other chemicals, bacteria and other germs can’t penetrate the surface where they then become difficult to remove effectively. This property makes the material ideal for work surfaces, whether it be in the home kitchen or hospital operating surface.



Certain colours have the ability to pass light through them allowing designers to create striking designs.

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