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Although we come from a background of Craftsmen and Makers but over the years we have been able to expand on our other passion, design.  From collaborating with other designers on small products to designing full interiors for large commercial clients we have done it.

We love working with other designers and always try to bring our manufacturing skills to the table to show ways that manufacture can help improve a design or make it more cost effective. We also have an in-depth knowledge of most materials and know what is and isn't always achievable. 

One thing that is quite unique about us is that not only can we design everything for a project we can then manufacture everything too, meaning we are in full control from design to completion. This has proved very successful on more than one occasion, you can read more about one such project here. 

Another important factor is that as MADE IN BRITAIN members you can be assured that everything we produce is made in our very own workshop, we always use sustainably  sourced materials and believe strongly in minimising our own environmental impact. We believe that every piece we create should still be standing proud in someones home in another 100 years (providing its been looked after!) To us its seems a tragedy to cut down a tree that has been growing for hundreds of years only to have it turned into cheap throw away furniture. 

If you have a project that you would like to collaborate on or would like something designing from scratch please get in touch.

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