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Corian Inlaying…

Using a technique similar to marquetry with wood veneers, we can seamlessly integrate different colours of Corian, aluminium, laminates and other non ferrous metals. If you have a company logo that you want incorporating into a reception desk or want to make a bar top more interesting then inlaying with solid surface is the ideal solution.

Because of the homogeneous nature of solid surface when we inlay with it, the created design can’t be rubbed out or worn away, this makes it’s an ideal solution for areas of high traffic.

Not only can we seamlessly integrate solid surface to itself we can also bond various other materials.  Timber is perfect for this application as it has similar properties regarding expansion and contraction. It can be bonded to the surface and polished using the same process as normal giving a very flush finish. The same process can be applied to bonding acrylic sheet and aluminium. Ferrous metals are not ideal as they have different coefficients of expansion so wont move in harmony with the solid surface. However we get around this issue by using laminated material that is faced in very thin veneers of real metal like copper and stainless steel.

The Process…

Using our CNC router we mill a pocket into the surface of the material (also called a female pocket) we then machine a corresponding inlay shape (also called a male inlay) from another material. The machined out area is cleaned and then adhesive is applied to all edges of the cut out, the inlay section is then bonded and either weighted down or clamped into position. When the adhesive is set the surface is then re-milled and sanded to create a seamless finish.

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