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Concrete slab is a notoriously difficult material to process and transport, but a material innovation called LightBeton offers an interesting alternative to standard concrete. A 3-millimeter finishing layer of recycled mineral fibre is mixed with cement and then bonded to particle board with a melamine resin. The result is a product with an authentic concrete surface that is also lightweight and demonstrates enhanced acoustic properties.

Produced by Richter Furniertechnik GmbH, this lightweight composite weighs 12.5 kilograms per square meter, thus making it considerably easier to transport and handle than a concrete slab of an equal size. These boards can be shaped with standard woodworking tools and will not cause wear on tools beyond that of particle board. LightBeton’s concrete surface can be equipped for use as flooring or for use in wet rooms. Additionally, it can be micro-perforated, a process that transforms LightBeton into a highly efficient sound absorber.

LightBeton is particularly well suited for applications in interior architecture, design and trade fair construction and shopfitting.

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