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Bespoke Furniture 

Creating one of a kind pieces is a passion for us. We take great pleasure in designing and making something that hasn't been made before. 

We are also members of the MADE IN BRITAIN campaign, we believe strongly in british design and manufacture and are proud to display the MiB logo on all of our pieces of furniture. 

From the initial consultation whether it be in person of via email we get a feel for what you the client wants from a piece of furniture, rough dimensions, colours, materials and what style its to be in and your budget. We then take this information and come up with an initial design, if you're satisfied with the design we then produce formal drawings, once signed off we then manufacture the piece. 

One of the most common pieces we design are dining tables in all shapes, sizes and from a vast array of materials. On the  following page you can see a small selection of pieces we have produced. 

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