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Product Specification Showroom

The UK’s biggest independent timber and panel products distributor James Latham PLC have been a client of ours for many years. As a forward thinking company, something that's quite unusual in this sector. They approached us in 2016 with the idea that they wanted a product specification showroom designing and making for them in London.

We believe that every company has its own personality and that once you understand what that is then a truly bespoke design can form. With this in mind we visited site to discuss what they actually wanted to achieve from the space, what people from the industry they wanted to attract and what premium products they wanted to display. 

We were given the freedom to design everything in the showroom right down to the very chairs that you sit on. One thing was very clear though everything we designed had to be created from products they sell. 

The project was completed successfully in 2016 with some more items added over the following year. Following the success of the London showroom we were then commissioned to design and make another showroom in Manchester which we completed late last year. 

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