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Quite literally a Tattoo for Solid Surface

Dye Sublimation is the process of tattooing a digital image on to the surface of a sheet of solid surface material, any image can be sublimated on to the surface.

We have invested heavily in specialist dye sub equipment allowing us to provide this service, we can sublimate full sheets of solid surface measuring 3700 mm x 910 mm, any full colour image can be sublimated.

Alpine White HIMACS or Glacier White Corian are the best colours to use for sublimation, giving images the most depth of colour. The larger the image size the better quality the image file has to be. Solid white colours give the best results when sublimating, this is due to the ink being translucent. Sublimation will not work on darker coloured or heavily pigmented sheets. All sheet thickness’s can be sublimated onto from 3mm up to Dupont’s 19mm thick Glacier White sheets.

Once the sublimation process has taken place we can then thermoform the piece into any three dimensional shape as normal. There are limitations to this image transfer process one being that we can’t glue and machine panels once complete as this would remove the image from the surface. However as you can see on the images above when positioned next to each other separate panels appear as one.

Sublimated panels are perfect for wet interiors that you want to inject some colour into without having to worry about water damage, shower panels are the perfect example and can provide a colourful alternative to tiles and other forms shower wall cladding.

We have completed a project for artist Linda Schwab, she was commissioned to provide artwork for a new development at Bristol Hospital, we successfully sublimated seven pieces of artwork measuring over four meters each.

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