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Finally a Dry Wet-room

Yes it’s a bit of a contradiction but read on…

Solid Surface is the perfect material for use in shower trays and wetroom floors, as it can be joined together seamlessly creating an impervious surface that will not allow water to penetrate. We are constantly asked to install wet room floors in materials like Corian and LG HI-MACS because it’s one of the only surfacing materials that are joint free and waterproof.


To Tile or not to Tile?

The problem with tiles apart from the obvious grout issues, is that a tiled floor is a surface made up of potentially hundreds of joints that over time could allow water to penetrate. With Solid Surface you don’t have this issue; a Solid Surface floor will have usually no more that 5 or 6 joints and these will all be completely seamless. We can install Solid Surface shower room floors with only a marginal increase to the floor height; this allows us to integrate drainage into the floor so that you don’t have to have a separate raised shower area.

We use our thermoforming technology to form the flooring around the drainage area so that water is directed straight to the drain. We can integrate toughened glass screens and doors wherever required to deflect water. A popular feature is our sunken pockets that we can make any size and shape, these are set into the surface of a Corian wall for example and allow you to store shower gel and shampoo bottles.

For the perfect Corian Bathroom we can manufacture vanity units which are the ideal partner for a custom wetroom floor; they can be made to any shape and can be produced in any colour of solid surface. We can integrate seamless fitted sinks, doors and drawers all made from solid surface.


Fancy a Bath?

Who doesn’t fancy a bath! What about a bath that has a base shaped to the contours of your body or a tub with water jets and LED lighting integrated into it. Because all of our baths are custom made each one is made to a clients specific needs so you can choose to have it in any colour, shape and size.


Commercial Spa fit-out

This is another market that Solid Surface is great for. The durability of Corian alone makes it the perfect choice for commercial spa retreats. The hygienic properties of the material make cleaning and maintenance easy and actually save you time. The material stands up to vandalism and any damage that does occur can be seamlessly repaired. We have been commissioned to make many items for spas over the years, from bespoke loungers and benches, to most memorably a batch of pedicure baths for the exclusive Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas USA.

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