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Valchromat® Engineered Coloured Wood

Valchromat is an innovative product that combines the natural features of wood to the brightness of colours and, because of its unique flexibility, allows exploring the third dimension, the beauty of textures and the best of engineering.

Valchromat is not MDF, It’s the evolution of MDF.


Valchromat aecore abet.jpg

The added value of Valchromat comes not only from colour but also from its distinctive composition and manufacturing process.
It is a wood fibre panel coloured throughout, where fibres are coloured individually, impregnated with organic dyes and bonded together by a special resin which gives Valchromat unique physic and mechanical features.

It is an evolution of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and is clearly superior to coloured MDF.

  • It is moisture resistant

  • It has greater internal cohesion and, therefore, higher mechanical strength

  • It allows working in three dimensions – mechanization

  • It has greater resistance to bending

  • It requires less effort of finish 

  • It ensures a lower abrasion of tools

We can’t tell you how much we love this innovative material, we plan on using it in as much of our furniture and products as possible…

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