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One of the best materials available for furniture

Creating Corian furniture for our clients is one of the most interesting jobs we do. The possibilities are quite literally limitless when it comes to furniture design using Corian as the base material.

This durable solid surface allows a completely seamless finish regardless of size or shape, although a seamless finish is achievable with a painted surface it is nowhere near as durable as Corian. When given the ability to integrate technology into furniture you can come up with something truly unique and at the same time very useful; like the integration of touch screen computers in coffee tables or customised speaker enclosures for your surround sound audio system.

Corian on the Outside…

Due to Corian’s durability this makes it the ideal candidate for use on furniture outside. We have just recently completed a project in Glasgow; a collection of bright orange thermoformed seating. You can find out more about the project in Glasgow here.

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