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Samsung don’t just make televisions!

The worldwide electronics brand Samsung not only manufacture televisions and audio equipment but also a premium acrylic solid surface material. Staron solid surface consists of natural minerals bonded by an acrylic resin, Staron is as decorative as natural stone with the added benefits of a solid surface.

The material has the same properties as any other acrylic solid surface sheet material its durable and resistant to impacts, stains and discolouration. With a Class Zero fire rating it makes the material great for areas that require fire protection. The surface is easy to clean and maintain, its easy to repair, Impermeable to liquids and not to forget seamless and extremely hygienic. The homogenous adhesive makes joints virtually invisible to the naked eye.

These properties give Staron a variety of application areas in both residential and commercial settings. Staron is definitely worth considering where tough demands are required for example in medical and laboratory facilities or food-related applications.

Thermoplastic formability is an additional feature in this material. We can fabricate shapes of just about any shape or size including unusual edge shapes, custom wall panelling and splash back panels, creative design inlays or unusual sculptures.

This is why Staron and all other acrylic solid surfaces are far superior to more conventional materials such as granite, marble, tiling or laminate.

Sheet is available in two thicknesses: 6 and 12 mm with standard dimensions measuring 3680mm x 760mm and 2500mm x 760mm in more than ninety colours.

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