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Bespoke Reception Counter

Back in late 2010 Mark Robinson from Solid Surfaces Northwest Ltd was commissioned by the Richmond Housing Partnership with a brief to design a reception counter that would be eye catching and unique.

Image is everything to a company, especially when the company is dealing with their clients in a face to face situation. RHP have invested heavily in their newly commissioned offices located on Waldegrave Road, Teddington and felt that in order to complete it they needed a reception counter that would do the rest of the building justice.

So the twisted desk was born…

The Reception desk is made from a combination of LG HI-MACS Alpine White and 10mm frosted Perspex. We integrated paths for data systems cabling. Also we integrated a full LED control system allowing the desk to change to any colour of the rainbow or even react to sound. For now they have settled for electric blue lighting. We were also commissioned to design and install internet desks to enable their customers to surf the web, these were also made from LG HI-MACS to match the desk.

We thermoformed the two twisted sections in the desk to create a feature that would drawer people towards the desk.

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