LG HI-MACS the next generation of Solid Surface

LG HIMACS is by far our favourite solid surface material to work with. Its been around for over 15 years and is the second most popular solid surface material in the UK behind Corian.

It bonds together seamlessly and thermoforms exceptionally well. Manufactured by one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world, LG (Life’s Good), it’s available in a large array of colours to suit any colour scheme. A range of Eco sheets were introduced in 2011, which use over 40% recycled materials; perfect for those concerned about the environmental impact of their projects. The quality of the HI-MACS boards is exceptional, and they go through a rigorous quality control system to make sure they meet the highest standards.

Sheets are 12mm thick as standard and offered in the same sizes as other manufacturers, most commonly 12mm x 760mm x 3680mm, although selected colours are also available in larger sizes. Unique to HIMACS is their 9mm thick sheet, offered in a selection of their most popular colours, this is excellent for thermoforming projects like bespoke bars, as it allows flexibility without compromising structural integrity.

As with all Solid Surface sheets, liquid cannot permeate the material meaning that bacteria is not harboured, which results in a clean and hygienic surface. Combine this with seamless internal corners  making it extremely easy to wipe clean, you can soon see why it is so widely used in the healthcare market.

6mm sheets are also offered measuring 6mm x 760mm x 2490mm, again in a selection of the most popular colours.

We’re in the Club!

As LG Hi-Macs Quality Club members, we prefer to offer LG HIMACS over other materials, as this enables us to offer our clients a 15 year limited installed warranty, covering any issues with the material. It is worth noting that not everyone that sells LG HIMACS is part of the quality club its members in fact number less than 50 in the UK.

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