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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Approached by timber importer James Latham PLC, we were asked to be apart of something special. Two 5 metre high sculptures designed by Steuart Padwick for mental health charity Time to Change.

Being specialist LG HIMACS solid surface fabricators we were asked to manufacture two giant blocks made from LG HIMACS Shadow Concrete, clever use of CNC machining will allow specialist LED lighting panels to shine through the normally opaque material.

They will be on display this September at King's Cross for this year's Designjunction event as part of London Design Festival 2019

Keep an eye out for updates as we start to produce the two gigantic blocks!


So we have now completed the manufacture of the giant HIMACS blocks, and the timber sculptures and them are due to be installed today!

Below are some snapshots from the workshop whilst we were making these monster blocks!

The Steel cages were manufactured to support the LG HIMACS Shadow Concrete panels.

The steel frames were then clad with 10mm clear perspex

A Big Stack of LG HIMACS Sheets

The LG HIMACS was bonded together to form large panels, these were then machined on the reverse with a pattern in the form of cracks.

We then clad each steel box with the LG HIMACS to form these monolithic cubes

Then sanding lots of sanding!

And more sanding!

Then we just had to add the finishing touches

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