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Valchromat for Exclusive London Club…

This beautiful reception desk was designed by Studio Wick for the exclusive club Zinc @ Paramount in the centrepoint building in London.

A bit about the designers…

Studio Wick took the brief to design a nightclub atop one of London’s most iconic buildings; Centrepoint. Through extensive research and commitment to creating a truly engaging space, Studio Wick’s concept brought together sixties seduction, individuality and modern edge.

Working through a contractor we were commissioned to manufacture the reception desk and a DJ booth. Black valchromat, naturally finished with oil to bring out the colour of the material, was used on the internal surfaces of both pieces. The outer faces were finished in a solid white high gloss lacquer. To create the reception desk, over fifteen individual panels of Valchromat had to be mitred and joined together seamlessly. The visual impact of a piece such as this relies heavily on a flawless finish, and as such our ability to execute this technical project accurately was absolutely key it’s success.

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