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The Time Line Table…

This table conceived by Manchester Designer Jon Male is a combination of digital artwork, Corian fabrication and Corian Sublimation. The Rings of the tree trunk are digitally tattooed onto the surface of the Corian Glacier White surface which was then CNC machined into the circular shape. The table was designed by Jon for an art exhibit showing different artists and designers that have appeared throughout the ages.

Corian Sublimation

Sublimation on to Corian solid surface is an excellent way for companies and corporations to display their brand image; ideal uses include bar façades, tables, wet room panels and more. One of  the added benefits of sublimation is that the image becomes part of the Corian surface meaning it’s completely waterproof. As the ink used in the dye process is not UV Stable it is best not to use sublimation outside in areas of constant direct sunlight as it will fade over time.

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