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Shopping Centre concierge desk..

We were approached by OSP to work with them to develop a desk for their client who owns a number of shopping centres around the UK. The desk design had previously been manufactured using glass reinforced concrete at one of their other centres, whilst the material originally selected worked to create the shape, overtime it got damaged and wasn't heavy enough to last what with the amount of people using it. So OSP were forced to research other materials and in their journey came across LG HIMACS and then ourselves who are specialists in thermoforming solid surface. 

Working with the team at OSP we developed a full working 3D model of the desk based on their initial design, every piece of birch ply that makes up the internal structure was included so that we could see how it would support the external shell of LG HIMACS, formers were also manufactured from the 3D CAD data. The outer shell is made from over 30 separately formed LG HIMACS panels all seamlessly bonded together. 

Internally all cabinets were also curved and manufactured from white faced birch plywood and individually thermoformed Alpine White LG HIMACS doors. Data and electrical services were run through specific routes that were determined at the design phase, LED lighting was incorporated around the outer base of the desk.

The addition of the Bouncepad Flex on this project as a customer facing interface worked really well and integrated with the overall design seamlessly. We found the installation of them very simple but strong and could see no easy way for them to be removed without taking our desk to pieces. Great piece of kit you can find out more about them here.

The project was a time consuming but very satisfying build, later that year we got to make another too. Both desks can be seen at WestQuay Southampton and  The Oracle Reading Shopping centres. 

This is the type of project we love to make if you are thinking of something equally challenging please get in touch as we would love to be involved.

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