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Experience the Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence is a unique, Zen-inspired garden, a peaceful sanctuary away from the busy world. Created by award-winning garden designer Fernando Gonzalez, it is an artistic and powerful garden of contrasts; innovative yet classical, simple yet complex, calm yet stimulating. A RHS Chelsea Flower Show first, the garden creates a truly immersive experience with sound-cancelling headphones available to help create a serene space in which visitors can relax and let the mind wander, completely eliminating the surrounding hustle and bustle.


‘Sounds of the Rivers’ will also be available for visitors to the gardens to listen to, a soothing soundtrack offering an insight into the world of Viking River Cruises. The garden is an abstracted small landscape that captures the essence of nature by contrasting opposing elements – the silence of the mountains, the elegance and serenity of the bonsai, and the sea made of gravel all contribute to the sense of calm and aesthetic pleasure.

  • The 60-year-old bonsai tree, one of the most expensive plants at the show, is from Shikoku, Japan. It is a Japanese White Pine – Pinus Parviflora Pentaphylla Yatsubusa.

  • The gravel symbolises water and is made of silver-grey granite aggregates. It is surrounded by dark pebbles contained within a recycled steel edge.

  • The mountains have been constructed from LG HIMACS natural acrylic stone in Alpine White. When heated, this material becomes pliable enough for it to be formed around moulds using specialist equipment. When cooled, it maintains its new shape while retaining its strength and structural integrity.

  • Forming a screen at the back of the garden is a hedge of English Yew, Taxus baccata.


Fernando Gonzalez Garden Design…

Fernando Gonzalez creates gardens that are artworks in themselves – pushing the boundaries of conventional design. Employing state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes, Fernando has also designed a number of gardens for the Hampton Court Flower Show. His award-winning gardens have been featured in television programmes, major newspapers, magazines, and books throughout the world.

Sponsored by Viking River Cruises…


Viking River Cruises, the world’s leading river cruise company, has grown to a fleet of 35 vessels since its 1997 inception. It provides award-winning holidays to travellers with an interest in geography, culture and history. Viking has more than 20 different holidays across Europe, Russia and Asia. Whilst each holiday offers a different experience, all bring you superb accommodation on award-winning ships, fabulous food and wine, fascinating excursions and, of course, fantastic value for money.

And not forgetting us, the main contractor… 


As one of the UK’s most highly specialised solid surface fabricators. Our vast experience in the manufacture of complex 3D designs, along with our advanced technology, mean we are one of the few companies in the UK capable of manufacturing a project like “The Sound of Silence”.
The collaboration of our vast wealth of practical knowledge and skill, combined with the artistic vision of designers like Fernando, has resulted in the realisation of designs from initial concept through to stunning reality. These beautiful and complex forms can be found in many locations around the world. Led by Mark Robinson, the companies founder, our highly specialised team work on all aspects of design through to manufacture, utilising advanced computer controlled machinery and thermoforming ovens.



A new generation acrylic stone, HI-MACS® is a material that is designed and produced by LG HAUSYS, a world leader in the technology sector.

Due to its thermoformable properties, its wide range of colours, its translucency and the invisible joins, HI-MACS® is able to provide an infinite number of designs and exclusive finishings. During the manufacturing process, HI-MACS® is heated to very high temperatures by means of an advanced firing heat treatment. This procedure makes HI-MACS® different from other types of acrylic stone, giving it better uniformity and making it more resistant to shocks and UV rays.

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