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Corian goes to Uni…

For the new boathouse building at Oxford University we were asked to manufacture and install a bar designed by Belsize Architects in London. As you can see it is quite a simple shape but the issue was the angle that it rises out of the floor; so we had to engineer a solution utilising an internal steel frame stucture that was concreted 500mm deep into the floor.

How did we do it?

The desk was made in one piece in our workshop and lifted on the the first floor on site with a large crane it then took twelve of us to lift the desk into its final position. After Positioning the Corian bar it was bolted to the floor using chemical anchors; the base was then in filled with concrete and tiled. Integrated LED lighting and power was integrated into the bar. We used two dimensional thermoforming techniques to create the internal curve on the underside of the bar.

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