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Good coffee deserves a stylish table to put it on

Back in 2008 we were commissioned to manufacture a bespoke dining table that would seat 8 people, a coffee table to match and 2 bed side cabinets. The materials we decided on were LG HIMACS solid grey with a hint of polished walnut for warmth. We engineered the dining table in such a way that eight people could sit all of the way around it without catching their legs on the tables legs, the coffee table was also manufactured in this way. Two bedside cabinets were also produced, they had a thermoformed outer skin and internally they were constructed from american black walnut, and french polished to match the walnut flooring.

The LG HIMACS Coffee table and dining table were featured the interior design magazine “25 Beautiful Homes” back in 2010, you can read the full three page article here.

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