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From CAD to Completion in 3 Easy Steps…

We often manufacture furniture made from Corian on its own or Corian and a blend of other materials. The first process with any piece is to design it and work out how to construct it. To do this we use a variety of 3D CAD design software to create a working model, this not only allows us to work out how to build the piece but also be able to show the client what it will look like when complete.

Using the data created with the 3D CAD Software, we can then manufacture formers and cut out the parts of Corian required for fabrication. To use this Corian bench as an example, we used the 3D data to provide detailed drawings for our metalwork fabricator to manufacture the stainless steel. Formers made from MDF were also machined out on our CNC router, then heated sheets of Corian were formed over these to create the curved shape.

This bench is part of a series of three for changing rooms at a spa and swimming pool, made from brushed stainless steel and Glacier White Corian, the Corian was thermoformed and bent around the steel frame. These two materials are ideal for wet rooms and spas as they are waterproof and hard wearing.

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