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Bespoke Corian Dining Tables…

We are often commissioned to design and manufacture bespoke dining tables for our clients. We use solid surface for them mainly because of the aesthetic appearance and also the durability of the product. We can manufacture any shape and size of table top, integrate extension mechanisms and various other features. Table legs should never be over looked, from round to straight to curved, we can make them all. As we work with sustainably sourced timber this can also be used for the top and legs, the choice is quite literally yours.

But why Corian?

There are many reasons why you should consider this remarkable material for your custom dining table. Here are just a couple of reasons to help you. 

Its colour range...

With more than 100 colours in the Corian range alone (never mind other manufacturers as well) you are quite literally spoilt for choice, they do say that some colours in the range are not ideal, this is normally the darker shades as under natural light at certain angles they will highlight any scratches or scuffs on the surface, that still leaves you with a massive choice of colours, from shades of concrete to bight pink!

Its Seamless...

Another benefit is how seamless the product is. In its basic form Corian and other solid surface materials are in the form of a 12mm sheet. Its the way that the sheets can be joined together seamlessly that sets it apart from other materials, if done correctly where two pieces have been joined it should be almost invisible to the naked eye, meaning we can create monolithic looking pieces of furniture from lots of smaller pieces. This also explains how we can create Corian dining tables that look 4 inches thick (like the table pictured) when actually we have clad a steel frame with 12mm sheet and joined the edges to give the appearance of a massive slab of Grey Corian. 

We can bend it...

Because its chemical makeup is part acrylic this gives it thermoplastic capabilities meaning if we heat the material up in our thermoforming oven we can shape it into various curves, allowing us to create 3D forms that look organic in nature. This process allows us to create some really stunning designs that just wouldn't be possible with other material choices. You can find out more on how we bend sheets here. 

There are many more reasons to choose a solid surface like Corian for your dining tables, we are always happy to discuss bespoke designs over the phone or via email, you can also check out more of our dining tables here. 

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