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A truly 3D Thermoformed Bar

This bespoke bar for a private client in the UK, designed by APM Design Ltd is one of the more challenging bars we have done. The challenge was due to the three dimensional shape, it curved on all three axis at the same time, so we had to make the bar in smaller thermoformed sections and then seam them together. This required a lot of 3D CAD designing to create a virtual model and then break it down into sections, from this we could then machine out three dimensional formers from MDF blanks and use these to form the solid surface body.

We integrated steel supports within the structure to give it rigidity and this allowed us to securely fix it to the floor on site. To the rear of the bar we integrated a mirrored cabinet to store glasses which was covered with two solid surface doors with push to open fittings.

This is one of our favorite projects to date, if you would like to see how we made the desk in more detail check out the construction gallery on our Facebook Page.

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